Spotify download telegram bots

MusicsHunterbot ට කෙල වෙලා නේද
කාලෙක ඉදන් වැඩ නෑ
වෙන botsලා මොනවද ?


Best bot overall…
This is the largest bot in Telegram. But, due to copyrights; this bot only available for TG Desktop, TG Android Mobile app from .apk file (not from PlayStore*), and TG web for all devices. If you are using iOS, you have to download Nicegram in order to use this Bot. This bot can download the highest quality .flac files. So, you can listen music with lossless quality…

My Second Fav. is
This is a YouTube music bot. That means it can have any song you are looking for. This provides .m4a music files which is much better than mp3 music files.

Next Bot is
No special notes. This bot provides .mp3 music files for most of the songs. But for some songs .flac is also available.

*Copyrights apply only to the TG app purchased from the play store, but copyrights do not apply to the TG app installed with the .apk file. (This has been tested)


@deezload2bot මම සෑහෙන කාලෙක ඉදන් පාවිච්චි කරනවා…තාම වැඩ


Thank you Meka hondai :slight_smile:

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