Some Best Android Apps for Developers 👨‍💻


:boom: Sololearn: Learn to Code

:zap: If you’re a beginner or want to brush up on your skills, SoloLearn is the best place to go.
:zap: It includes JavaScript, SQL, Python, R, C++, and other modern languages.

:boom: Mimo: Learn coding in HTML, JavaScript, Python

:zap: The Mimo app is also a great option for anyone learning web development, Python, or SQL.

:boom: DataCamp: Learn Data Science

:zap: DataCamp is a great app if you are interested in learning SQL, Python, R programming, Machine learning, and Data Science.

:boom: Learn Web Development: Tutorials & Courses

:zap: This application is worth checking out. You will learn HTML, CSS, and how to build a website from scratch with tutorials and courses.

:boom: Enki: Learn data science, coding, tech skills

:zap: Easy-to-understand and well-designed, this is the best app to learn SQL Data Science, JavaScript, React, Blockchain, HTML, and CSS.

:boom: Programming Hub: Learn to code

:zap: This is a wonderful app for learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Artificial Intelligence.

:boom: Grasshopper: Learn to Code

:zap: The best app for beginners. The grasshopper makes it easy to learn JavaScript, a fast and fun way to learn to code.

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