🔐 Safing Portmaster

Portmaster is a free and open-source application that puts you back in charge over all your computer’s network connections.

Main Features:

  • Monitor All Network Activity

Discover everything that is happening on your computer. Expose every connection your applications make and detect evil ones.

  • Block Unwanted Connections

Many programs connect to the Internet without your knowledge. When you find unwanted connections, you can now simply block them.

  • Auto-Block via Selected Filter Lists

Automatically block ads, trackers and malware hosts via trusted domain-lists, which are also used by Ad-Blockers, etc. Easily change the defaults to fit your needs.

  • Enforce Secure DNS

Even with invasive connections gone, you do not want to share your dns requests out in the open. With the Portmaster, you can easily re-route all your dns queries to a DNS-over-TLS provider of your choice.

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