✉️ How to Save a local backup of all Gmail emails


Google Takeout is the most efficient way to backup Gmail emails offline. Follow the steps below to create an offline Gmail backup.

Step 1. Visit the website: Google Takeout.

Step 2. Click the Deselect all.

Step 3. Scroll down and select the checkbox next to Mail.

Step 4. Click All Mail data included. You can choose specific folders or the entire Gmail.

Step 5. Select OK and click Next Step.

Step 6. Google will offer you multiple delivery methods, including Send download links via email, Add to Dropbox, Add to OneDrive and Add to Box, Add to Drive.

Step 7. For offline backup, select Send download link via email.

Step 8. You can easy split download files into multiple files and specify the size of each file.

Step 9. Click on Create export.

After a time, Google will send an offline download link to your Gmail. You just need to download and store it in a safe place.

Similarly, you can take backup of YouTube, Google Maps, and other services using Google Takeout.

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