Hardware issues 🖥️

what is the reason for restarting the computer before plugging the headset? But, if I mount the headset without any restart, it won’t work, can you please tell me why it happen all day and how can I fix it?

We never do that, once I plugged the headset, I can use it. No need to restart. Maybe your settings or drivers were curropt. Please double check them, uninstall and restore drivers.

But in my laptop, I have to restart it. Otherwise the sound will be output through the speakers of the laptop, but not from the headset. Once i restart my pc, it’s fine. Np. But if it’s loose from the port, I’ve to restart it againn… ok then i’ll check what’s the wrong with the drivers :slightly_smiling_face:

Simple, if you are using Windows 8 or later. Turn fast startup off, otherwise uninstall and installing your audio driver will solve the issue…

Thanks a lot