🏞️ Ente - Encrypted Photo Storage

Ente provides a simple way to back up your memories.

It encrypts your photos and videos with your password before backing them up to the cloud, so only you can view them. Ente stores your encrypted data across multiple locations, including an underground fall out shelter, so your memories are preserved forever.

Ente lets you share your albums and folders with your loved ones, end-to-end encrypted, has an open architecture and source code that has been peer-reviewed trusted.


  • Client side encryption (only you can view your photos and videos);
  • Background sync;
  • Shareable links for albums;
  • Highlights of memories from previous years;
  • Ability to detect and delete duplicate files;
  • Image editor;
  • EXIF viewer;
  • Ability to free up disk space by deleting backed up photos;
  • Recycle bin;
  • 2FA;
  • Lockscreen;
  • Zero third-party tracking / analytics.


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