50 VS Code ShortCuts for Developers 👇


:arrow_right: Open a file: Ctrl + P

:arrow_right: Open Settings: Ctrl + ,

:arrow_right: Toggle Sidebar: Ctrl + B

:arrow_right: Navigate Tabs: Ctrl + Shift + Tab

:arrow_right: Navigate Tab Groups: Ctrl + 1/2/3

:arrow_right: Open the terminal: Ctrl + J

:arrow_right: Open the command palette: Ctrl + Shift+ P

:arrow_right: Select Current Line: Ctrl + L

:arrow_right: Current Selection: Ctrl + Shift + L

:arrow_right: Current Word: Ctrl + F2

:arrow_right: Select Until the end of the word: Shift+ Alt + :arrow_left:/:arrow_right:

:arrow_right: Select a column of code: Shift + Alt + Drag mouse

:arrow_right: Select column of code with arrow keys: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + :arrow_right:/:arrow_left:/:arrow_up:/:arrow_down:

:arrow_right: Navigate Search Results: F3

:arrow_right: Select Multiple results: Ctrl + D

:arrow_right: Go to the line: Ctrl + G

:arrow_right: Go to matching bracket: Ctrl + Shift + \

:arrow_right: Fold/unfold block: Ctrl + Shift + [/]

:arrow_right: Fold/unfold blocks and sub-blocks: Ctrl + K + [/]

:arrow_right: Navigate errors and warnings: F8

:arrow_right: Add cursor at any point: Alt + Mouse Click

:arrow_right: Add cursor above or below: Ctrl + Alt + :arrow_up:/:arrow_down:

:arrow_right: Undo a cursor: Ctrl + U

:arrow_right: Insert cursor at end of selected text: Shift + Alt + I

:arrow_right: Move line and blocks: Alt + :arrow_up:/:arrow_down:

:arrow_right: Copy line and blocks: Shift + Alt + :arrow_up:/:arrow_down:

:arrow_right: Indent/outdent lines: Ctrl + [/]

:arrow_right: Toggle Line Comments: Ctrl + /

:arrow_right: Toggle Block Comments: Shift + Alt + A

:arrow_right: Format a file: Ctrl + Shift + F

:arrow_right: Format the selected lines: Ctrl + K then Ctrl + F

:arrow_right: Quick fix the error: Ctrl + .

:arrow_right: Rename: F2

:arrow_right: Trim white spaces: Ctrl + K + X

:arrow_right: Change Programming Language: Ctrl + K then M

:arrow_right: Run code: F5

:arrow_right: Go to a definition: F12

:arrow_right: Open definition and documentation: Alt + F12

:arrow_right: Toggle Suggestions: Ctrl + I

:arrow_right: Show a function’s signature: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar

:arrow_right: Enable Zen mode: Ctrl + K then Z

:arrow_right: Delete Line: Ctrl + Shift + K

:arrow_right: Show all symbols: Ctrl + T

:arrow_right: Replace word: Ctrl + H

:arrow_right: Show References: Shift + F12

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