5 Most Secure Web Browsers

1. Brave

Created by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, Brave is an awesome browser dedicated to helping you take back control of your security and privacy.

2. Tor Browser

Endorsed by Edward Snowden, Tor is a leading browser when it comes to privacy and anonymity.
Tor essentially has its own method of connection called onion routing. It’s named that because it has layers. Like an onion. And an ogre. Instead of connecting to the internet through a central hub, onion routing connects users to through each other to connect to the server. Each connected computer has an identical digital thumbprint.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is the 3rd most popular browser behind Chrome and Safari. And the Mozilla team has beefed up Mozilla’s privacy protections in recent years.

4. Iridium Browser

For users who love Chrome but wish it was safer – Iridium might be what you’re looking for.
Built to be a safer version of Chrome, Iridium’s source-code and features are nearly identical to Chrome. The only big difference is vastly improved security and streamlined interface, removing the usual Chrome bloatware.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, is a vocal supporter of consumer’s privacy rights and in January hit a milestone of reaching 100 million user search queries in a day. DuckDuckGo and the rise of encrypted messaging app Signal, shows there is a growing appetite for privacy-focussed alternatives to tech giants like Facebook and Google.


DuckDuckGo,topic එකට ගැලපැන්නේ නෑ.ඒක search engine එකක්


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@Knuckles eka haduwanam hari nathan katiyara patalenawane :slight_smile:




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දැන් DuckDuckGo browser එකකුත් තියෙනවා.


ehenam @Knuckles hari

windows wlt nanee??

Oya MacOs ne

Tor should be #1 since it’s the relatively most secure browser out there :slight_smile: but it has it’s own disadvantages. As for Brave I’ve heard some security concerns about it.

I personally use Firefox (not chromium base so yeah) for day to day use while using Tor for sensitive or dangerous stuff :grin:

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tor walata wada brave hodayi mata nam

Tor day to day use ekata match wenne naha. But “Most Secure” kiyana category eke udinma tiyenne Tor.

tor ayi day to day use ekata hari yanne nathe

meke kiyane tor eken dark web walata yanna puluwan kiyalane ethakota tor kiyane dark web network ekada?

TOR kiyanne onion network eke sites thiyena thana .onion kiya iwara wena ewa

ඔය ටික කියවන්න

Samahara sites tor eka block karanwa, load times wadi, bot kenek nemei kiyala verify karanna wenawa godk welwata etc. :sweat_smile:


.onion webs brave ekenuth access karahaki


පිස්සු වැඩ කරන්න එපා ඉතින්. ඕක තියෙනව කියල කියන්නනම් හොදයි. හැබැයි Tor වගේ secure නැහැ…


hari hari ithin owa karanna gihin ahaka yana nayi adume asse daganene na mn, :sweat_smile: Thanks :green_heart:

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